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An original idea for a gift ?

Give a lunch or a dinner in « Le Farçon » as a present !

Please close family, friends or business customers.
A gift voucher that is an invitation to have a gastronomic moment in Le Farçon. You can choose which kind of menu you give.
This present is valid for one year from when you buy it

Bymail :

It’s easy ! Fill these questionnaire and return it. Then we call you.

Your name (compulsary)

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Your menu
Ski pass 42 €Une parenthèse à La Tania 65 €Le secret le mieux gardé des 3 vallées 130 €

Your evening menu
Sensibilité 68 €Une parenthèse à La Tania 95 €Le secret le mieux gardé des 3 vallées 130 €

Les surprises du chef
Surprise du chef 12 €Surprise du chef 16 €

Formule à 30 €Formule à 50 €

I explicitly accept the use of my phone and/or email address for the exclusive use of a contact “gift voucher ” by the Farçon.


Byphone :

Call us. You pay online if you want.

+ 33 (0) 479 088 034