Le Farçon immeuble Kalinka 73120 La Tania Les 3 Vallées, Courchevel - France 12h00 - 13h30 * 19h30 - 21h30 +33 (0) 479 088 034



“My grandmother instilled in me the taste for simple and honest things. I would like to do the same for our guests”

Gastronomy is not reserved only for adults, that is why Julien Machet proposes for our small gourmands, a menu adapted in size for their appetite.
Our menu allows the children to accompany their parents in a gastronomic discovery of the products of our soil and to share a pleasant family moment.
The children’s menu is adapted to 21 euros at lunch and 34 euros at night.

We also offer a special children’s menu consisting of an entree,main dish and a dessert at a price of 18 euros.

Remember to book : +33 479 088 034


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