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TheFarcon wine cellar

Our sommeliers will assist you in your choices!

The Farçon wine cellar contains a treasure trove of 500 references mainly based on the former Duchy of Savoy, in line with the chef’s cuisine and values.

It seems fundamental to us to highlight our terroirs as well as our farmers, whether it be through the cuisine or the sommellerie.

This sharing as well as this respect is reflected in our referencing, equal to the cooking of your peddler, we will try to offer you living wines, more and more devoid of interventionist forms.

The opening of a bottle of wine is the fruit of a complex year of work which reveals the winegrower’s imprint through its different aromas which open up and reveal themselves through different conversations.

Just like a human being, wine is young, sometimes closed, maturing with time before reaching its peak and finally becoming more mature.

Let yourself be transported by the cuisine of your Savoyard peddler by taking his gourd* which will accompany you through all his discoveries.

* We offer you food and wine pairings specific to each menu, at each stage of your culinary discovery you will taste a wine that sublimates your dish.

Neal Dupont Pochat Baron & Antoine Touchais, sommeliers at Le Farçon

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