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“Since my first walk in the garden of my grand mother, since my first visit to a sheep farm, I continue to be in search for natural products of a taste and quality beyond reproach.” Julien Machet

To discover these products of exception and to cook them in a sublime, authentic way, Julien Machet goes to meet the producers and farmers, to explain his plans in the kitchen and to commence a true dialogue between the kitchen and the producer.

For him, any product found wild or grown with love by hand of the passionate is a noble respected product. Thus a little beet will have as much value as a truffle.



“All producers and ranchers with whom I work are doing so in a preserved, loved environment and land. The beaufort that i use for my cheese sticks (hors d’oeuvres) is manufactured in the heart of the natural park of La Vanoise at the pasture of Rittord, at more than 1500m of altitude. The vegetables that are found in my dishes are produced by local market gardeners who have added nothing to the soil since 1985.” Julien Machet

Whatever their labels (agricultural bio, reasoned, integrated… ), the Chef ensures that the men and and women have in common the passion of the profession and a profound respect of the cycles of nature.

Because of this, strong friendships are born with the producers, and by limiting the middle man a sales rapport is made with the producers thus ensuring a good price-quality ratio, ultimate freshness and complete traceability.

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