Le Farçon immeuble Kalinka 73120 La Tania Les 3 Vallées, Courchevel - France 12h00 - 13h30 * 19h30 - 21h30 +33 (0) 479 088 034

Thegourmet restaurant* – la Tania-Courchevel, Michelin star since 2006


Julien Machet affirms with authenticity his soul and roots for thirty years, both feet rooted in the terroir and family of being Savoyard ; his spirit though is open to meet new,unique, cosmopolitan and original influences.  

The Farcon is a place to share, the cuisine of Julien Machet is expressed through a creative process always in transition. For more than 10 years, his aim has been to make possible an awakening of the tastes, always changing, easy to understand and accessible to all, without elitism. For this leader, to share his kitchen is essential.

In effect: «a cook is nothing without the person who washes the dishes».

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Aculinary adventure


Agustative discovery


Acuisine to share


“Le Farçon” à la Tania – Courchevel – 3 Vallées – France

To maintain the freshness of the produce, the standard of the dishes and the quality of the service, I propose a unique menu every lunch time and every night. The dishes of Le Farcon have evolved year after year to create a unique menu.

My idea is to rediscover the cooking that is inspired by quality foods from the market, from our natural environment and ingredients grown and delivered by producers with a passion for quality.

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